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Jodhpur is one of India's most fascinating cities for a particular reason. It's a city of blues! In Jodhpur, more than half of the houses are painted blue, have a blue roof, or have blue decorative doorways. However, it's not just the blue feelings that make this city a must-see. We'll walk you through the greatest sites to visit in Jodhpur in two days in this article. We tried to pack as much as possible into this two-day Jodhpur itinerary in order to see as much
of the magnificent city as possible.

Flying Fox or Ziplining

Jodhpur provides a flying-fox or ziplining trip at Mehrangarh Fort, one of the city's most prominent attractions, to satisfy adventure-seekers. Ziplining is probably one of the most unusual ways to see the views of cities, and there are numerous organized ziplining courses to try. The whole exercise can last up to 2 hours, with varying lengths covered in which you can observe the fort's walls, bastions, and lakes.

Mehrangarh Fort

The Mehrangarh Fort, built atop a 400-foot-high hill on the Jodhpur skyline, is the crowning feature that draws thousands of domestic and international tourists to the arid desert city for a vacation. The huge stronghold, built by Rao Jodha in 1459, is one of the country's greatest regal constructions. The seven gates - Victory Gate, Fateh Gate, Gopal Gate, Bhairon Gate, Dedh Kamagra Gate, Marti Gate, and Loha Gate - are located within walking distance of the fort. Also included are the Mehrangarh Museum and two palaces, Sheesh and Phool Mahal.

Umaid Bhawan Palace

The Umaid Bhawan Palace in Jodhpur is both a palace and a museum. It is the official residence of the Royal Family's third generation, and it is held by Gaj Singh, the grandson of the place's creator, Maharaja Umaid Singh. Apart from that, the Taj Group has turned a portion of the building into a magnificent hotel. A museum, numerous magnificent gardens, and additional wings are also open to the public for viewing and exploring. Umaid Bhawan, which was built in 1943, is on the list of places to visit in Jodhpur in two days.

Mandore Gardens

Mandore Gardens is a small, deserted village located 9 kilometers south of Jodhpur. Many old structures can be seen here, including Madore Fort and Palace, Ravana Temple, and lush, manicured gardens that are true show-stoppers. Mandore was the seat of the Pratiharas dynasty, which ruled in the region from the 6th century AD until 1459, when the seat was relocated to Mehrangarh. The town is also mentioned in the Hindu epic Ramayana as the birthplace of King Ravana's wife Mandodari and hence makes for an excellent complement to a two-day schedule of things to visit in Jodhpur.

Jodhpur Stepwell (Toorji-Ka-Jhalara)

The Toori-ka Jhalara, one of the most impressive sights to visit in Jodhpur in two days, is a well-preserved piece of old architecture in the ‘blue city.' The step-well, which was built in 1740 and is one of the few remaining in the region, sheds insight on the intricacy of the construction as well as a major water management method utilized at the time. This magnificent building was built by Maharaja Abhaya Singh's queen-consort and continues to astonish and captivate visitors to this day.


Ghantaghar, another stunning piece of architecture in Jodhpur, is one of the top locations to visit in Jodhpur in two days. It was created by Maharaja Sardar Singh almost 200 years ago and is also known as the Rajasthan Clock Tower. The striking tower marks the Old Jodhpur Area, which is located in the city's heart. During their stay, visitors can receive a panoramic view of the cityscape and the surrounding markets, including the famed Sardar Market. If you stay until late in the evening, you won't be able to miss seeing a lit-up Ghantaghar.

Nirali Dhani

Nirali Dham is a premium hotel resort in Jodhpur recognized for its ethnic and cultural hospitality. The place has instilled the original Rajasthani tradition throughout, from the design of the property to the interiors of the lodgings and the hospitality of the courteous staff. Nirali Dhani, which leaves no stone left in providing delectable cuisine, cultural entertainment, and other regional immersing activities, is one of the best locations to see in Jodhpur in two days.

Shopping in Sardar Market

The Sardar Market area in Jodhpur, which overlooks the Ghantaghar (clock tower), is a portion of Old Jodhpur. Sardar Market is a bustling shopping area with a network of branching out tapering alleyways that create a nice kind of chaos. This is also the city's largest marketplace, with stalls and shops offering everything from fabrics to handicrafts to shoes and other Rajasthani things, as well as various street-food stalls and shops.

Camping in Osian

Osian (Osiyan) is an old desert town located 69 kilometers south of Jodhpur. Because of the existence of over 18 Hindu and Jain temples built between the 8th and 12th centuries under the Gurjara Pratihara dynasty, the site is also known as the ‘Khajuraho of Rajasthan.' Many of these temples are worth seeing because of their exquisite workmanship, sculptures, carvings, ornate facades, and domes. Apart from that, there are many campsites here that offer an outdoor, overnight stay amidst the golden dunes to give you a flavor of the Thar Desert.

Masuriya Hill Garden

The exquisite Masuriya Hill Garden, located on the Masuriya Hills in Jodhpur, is a vantage point and a naturally scenic destination. A temple dedicated to a local deity and a statue of Veer Durgadas Rathore, a revered Marwari hero, are both located within the courtyards. Among many other structures, the establishment's entire grounds are interwoven with paved walking trails. To enjoy 360-degree vistas of the ‘Blue City,' add the Masuriya Hill Garden to your list of sites to do in Jodhpur in 2 days.

Go for Bishnoi Village Safari

The Bishnoi Village Safari is a non-profit organization based in Jodhpur that takes guests on a tour of the several traditional communities in the area. Learning more about the locals' lifestyles is a great way for travelers to spend a day while touring the places to see in Jodhpur in two days. Not only that, but you'll have the chance to mingle with the people, taste freshly made Rajasthani meals, and learn some vocational skills from the artists, such as weaving, pottery, and hand printing.

Jaswant Thada

The beautiful Jaswant Thada, a cenotaph (empty tomb) dedicated to Maharaja Jaswant Singh II, stands in the lush and tranquil surroundings beside a lakeside in Jodhpur. In 1899, his son Maharaja Sardar Singh of Jodhpur commissioned the monument to honor his father's memory and legacy. The mausoleum was meticulously detailed and constructed of
white marble and the site is currently used as the Royal Family's cremation cemetery.

Mahadev Temple

The amazing itinerary of things to visit in Jodhpur in two days includes not only forts and places, but also numerous historic temples, including the Mahamandaleshwar Mahadev Temple. This is thought to be the city's earliest place of worship, having been built in 923 AD by Mandal Nath. The shrine of Lord Shiva and his spouse Goddess Parvati is located within the sacred sanctuary. When you consider the temple's age and how well it has weathered the test of time, the visit becomes ten times more valuable.


These are the greatest sites to visit in Jodhpur in two days, according to our experts. However, there are a number of additional temples and museums in Jodhpur that you might want to include in your two-day schedule. If you have the time, look into it further.

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