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Khatushyam Ji

Khatushyam Ji or Khatu is a village of religious importance in the Sikar district of Rajasthan in India. It is home to the famous temple of Khatushyam. It is one of the most sacred temples in India. Devotees believe it houses the miraculously rediscovered head of Barbarika or Khatushyam, a character from the Mahabharata.

Every day thousands of devotees come to Khatu Shyamji to pray for the fulfillment of their wishes.
If you are planning to visit the Khatushyam temple from Jaipur, the best way is to go by road. Khatu Shyam Ji temple is located about 90 KMs from Jaipur. Jaipur to Khatushyam is well connected through National highway NH-11 and it passes through the center of the city. NH-11 connects Sikar to Jaipur and Bikaner.

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