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Gaitore Ki Chhatriyan Jaipur – A Timeless Glimpse into Royal Heritage

Nestled in the valleys of Nahargarh and Garh Ganesh temple in Jaipur, the Gaitore Ki Chhatriyan, or Gatore Cenotaphs, stands as a testament to the royal legacy of the city. This remarkable site serves as the royal crematorium grounds for the esteemed rulers of Jaipur, offering visitors a captivating glimpse into the rich tapestry of its history.

Location Details

Gaitore Ki Chhatriyan, Krishna Nagar, Brahampuri, Jaipur, Rajasthan 302002, India

Architectural Marvels in Rajput Style:

Constructed in the resplendent Rajput architectural style, the Gaitore Ki Chhatriyan boasts a seamless fusion of Rajput aesthetics and Mughal influences. The site is renowned for its intricate carvings that adorn the pillars and dome roofs, showcasing a masterful craftsmanship that reflects the opulence of its royal past.

A Chronicle of Royal Memorials:

The monument is divided into three distinct parts, each narrating the tales of bygone eras through its stone artwork, circular stairs, and depictions on the pillars. Here, every ruler from Sawai Jai Singh II to Man Singh II is honored with a dedicated chhatri (dome), creating a poignant and visually stunning panorama of royal memorials.

Tranquil Oasis Amid Nahargarh Valley:

Situated amidst the serene valleys of Nahargarh and Garh Ganesh temple, Gaitore Ki Chhatriyan enjoys a unique and peaceful setting. Surrounded by the robust fort walls of Nahargarh on one side and overlooking the bustling city of Jaipur on the other, the site was chosen by Sawai Jai Singh II himself as the final resting place for the city's revered rulers.

Cenotaph of Sawai Jai Singh II:

Undoubtedly the grandest among the memorials is the one dedicated to Sawai Jai Singh II. Crafted with pristine white marble, this cenotaph stands as a testament to the greatness of Jaipur's most celebrated ruler. Adorned with intricate carvings depicting Hindu Gods, maids, musicians, and other figures, the dome gracefully rests upon 20 pillars. A replication of this awe-inspiring cenotaph finds its place in the prestigious Kensington Museum in London.

A Place of Royal Honor:

The purpose of these cenotaphs extends beyond mere architectural splendor; they were built to honor the deceased kings who were cremated with regal dignity. Gaitore, translating to the 'resting place of the deceased,' signifies the sacredness of the site.

Timings and Entry Fees:

Opening its gates at 9:30 AM and closing at 5:00 PM, with the ticket window closing by 4:30 PM, Gaitore Ki Chhatriyan welcomes visitors to immerse themselves in its regal ambiance. The entry fee varies for Indian and foreign tourists, with additional concessions for children, students, senior citizens, defense personnel, and specially-abled individuals.

  • Indian Tourist:

    • Adult: ₹30
    • Children (5-12)/Student: ₹20
    • Senior Citizens/Defense Personals/Specially Abled: ₹30
  • Foreign Tourist:
    • Adult: ₹50
    • Children (5-12)/Student: ₹50
    • Senior Citizens/Defense Personals/Specially Abled: ₹50

Note – Entry for children below 5 years is Free, and the entry fees include Camera and small video camera

Surrounding Attractions:

Extend your exploration beyond Gaitore Ki Chhatriyan by visiting the historic Garh Ganesh temple adjacent to the site. Combine these attractions with visits to other nearby places of interest, including Nahargarh Fort, Hawamahal, City Palace, Kalki Temple, and Isarlat.

Getting There:

While Gaitore Ki Chhatriyan is well-connected by taxi, cabs, and autos, direct bus service is not available. Visitors can conveniently drop off at Brahmapuri and walk a short distance to reach the cenotaphs. Alternatively, hiring a bike in Jaipur adds an element of flexibility to the journey.

Nearest Transportation Hubs:

  • Sindhi Camp Bus Stand: 5.8 Kms
  • Jaipur Railway Station: 8.3 Kms
  • Jaipur International Airport: 14.8 Kms

As you unravel the rich history and regal charm of this hidden gem, take a deeper dive into Jaipur's diverse array of tourist attractions for a truly comprehensive and perfect trip. Share your insights and tips in the comments, and follow us on Facebook and Instagram for additional travel inspiration.

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