7 Travel Safety Tips For Women While Traveling In India

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7 Travel Safety Tips For Women While Traveling In India

Hey, gal! Are you planning your first-ever trip to the magical land of India and are confused if it is safe for girls or not? If yes, then this read is just what you need. When you are a woman and traveling solo then it does not matter where you are traveling in the world, the bottom line is that you should always maintain a checklist to be on the happier and safer side. If you are a female traveler and heading towards the beautiful country of India for the first time, then the following points are sure to come to your rescue.

Welcome to India with an open heart and mind –

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When you are in India, the only thing that you need to be is cautious and not nervous. There is no doubt in the fact that Indians are some of the finest and warmest people. However, you still need to be careful about the people you are making friends with and hanging out with.

Watch your interactions with men -

Sometimes when you are in India, being polite or over- sweet might lead to wrong signals. Keep your interactions crisp and to the point and ensure that no deliberate signals are going out there unless that’s what you want to do.

Arrange your transportation wisely -

When you are traveling in the daytime there is no hassle whatsoever regarding transportation, but if you are in a small town or village, then it is always wise to arrange for your transportation in advance.

Wear casual clothes –

Unless you are traveling in the metropolitans, it is essential for you as a female traveler to know that there are still a few parts of India where people are slightly conservative and might not appreciate bold and revealing dressing. As long as you are dressed appropriately be assured that all is going well.

Always carry your mobile phones –

This rule is not just applicable for women travelers but also for men and not just for India but all parts of the world. When you are traveling to a new place, the fact remains that there is not much that you know. With a mobile phone, you can easily sort out a lot of problems and issues and ensure your safety at all times.

Learn the local language –

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It is also advisable to learn the basics of the local language. Not only does this make communication with the locals easy but also helps you to understand the many things that you need to know.

Do not give money to beggars –

Unfortunately, you are bound to find a lot of beggars in most of the popular tourist destinations. It is always best to avoid giving them money. If you hand over something to one person, chances are that the entire herd will be behind you. This sometimes might result in pickpocketing or other causalities.

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